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We need to promote TWiSK to reach more readers to better support the local arts, music and community.
Introducing Friends of TWiSK program to help us reach our goal of doubling* our readership.

Three easy ways you can help …

1. Buy a supporter’s package of acknowledgment and promotion
Each month TWiSK will acknowledge one supporting organisation with a headline banner and a promotional tile in each edition across the month (see below for specs).
The aim is to rotate around a dozen or so local organisations that share our goals.
Most of the money will go towards marketing (largely Facebook and socials) to increase the reach of TWiSK.
$400 + gst
This in no way replaces the event listings, which will remain free and based solely on editorial merit.
2. Give in-kind support through occasional freebies or specials
We’d be delighted to include occasional freebies or specials to TWiSK readers.
Pitched correctly, this will be a triple win – for you, TWiSK and the lucky readers!
Keep it easy and simple, because we are a humble local newsletter.
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Please acknowledge TWiSK on your website, social or promotional material. This could be as simple sharing/liking our Facebook / Instagram posts and Tweets.
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*Since 2016, This Week in St Kilda has published a weekly list of arts, music and community events every Sunday.
Available as a website, via Facebook and Instagram, but primarily as an e-newsletter mailed to a free subscriber list, TWiSK is regularly viewed by over 1500 people each week.
Now we are ready to go to the next level and reach out to more readers.

All events are listed for free and always will be
Our focus is on events – if you send us your event info by the Friday of the week before – we’ll endeavour to include it. We write the editorial to suit our audience and inclusion is ultimately at our discretion.

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Get involved by talking to Greg Day 0418 345 829

Monthly supporters pack $400 + gst
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Banner each week during the month
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