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Welcome to 2017 – here we go for our second year of celebrating local arts and events. Your suggestions are welcome gday@gdaystkilda.com.au
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Kids art @ Linden
Tuesday 17 – Sunday 22 January, 11 am – 3.30 pm
In partnership with the National Gallery of Victoria’s Kids on Tour 2017 program children and families will be able to unleash their creativity in free hands on art-making activities and workshops. Free, no bookings required. www.lindenarts.org

Crafty workshops for kids @ space2b
Until 23 January, half and full day programs
Have fun doing an Acrylic beaded wall hanging, print making, striped t-shirts
and more. Thanks to council support the workshops are great value $45 for a
full day and half day workshops are $20.
Info and bookings 

Hitchcock double @ Astor
Monday 16 January, 7.30 pm
Double feature with Vertigo and Rear Window, James Stewart in two Hitchcock classics.
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Food for thought @ Astor
Friday 20 January, 7.30 pm
Explore the world of the golden arches and fast food capitalism in two films – Founder and Food Inc. Enthusiasts could supersize their evening by downloading Fast Food Nation to make your own triple feature with the lot 🙂
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Wonderful Indonesia Festival @ St Kilda Beach and South Beach
Saturday 21 January and Sunday 22 January, free
Saturday 10.30 am to 8 pm, Sunday 9 am to 6 pm
A tourism and cultural festival sponsored by Garuda and Wonderful Indonesia. A
parade (Sat 11.30 am), music, food, dance, yoga plus lots of free stuff. More info 

Coming soon …great live theatre for 2017

Season 2017 @ Red Stitch
The Way Things Work starts 31 Jan
Corruption. Politics. Loyalty. Fear. The death of democracy behind
closed doors. Written and directed by Aidan Fennessy featuring
chilling portrayals by Joe Petruzzi and Peter Houghton.
Tix and info

Season 2017 @ Theatreworks
Lifetime Guarantee from 9 February
Directed by new Theatreworks artistic Director John Sheedy and written by Ross
Meuller, Lifetime Guarantee is described as “a rock and roll comedy featuring
property development, new love, sex tapes, divorce and a ’67 Mustang.” A brutal anthem exploring inexplicable love in a punishing world. Info and tix

Three faces of power by Pip Utton @ Theatreworks
1 – 5 February
Pip Utton has been doing one-man theatrical monologues for twenty years or more, with great applause from the fringe scene in the UK and Europe. Over five nights he presents three powerful performances of the faces of power. $40 or all three for $95
More info: Adolf | Churchill |Playing Maggie

FYI Local character celebrated
richard james IMG_3906Video tribute to the late Richard James @ Alice’s Garage
Not new but interesting: Alice’s Garage and Switchboard Victoria have made a
beautiful film paying tribute to Richard James who created The Baroness of
Balaclava to challenge the invisibility of older gay men.