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Albert Park

Updated 18 November

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The Albert Park District includes Port Melbourne, South Melbourne, Albert Park, Middle Park and parts of St Kilda (including residents living North of Dickens Street and West of Brighton Road).

The candidates in their own words

In order of ballot
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All candidates were invited to submit 30 word answers to 5 basic questions plus How to Vote info.

Responses are printed in full, unedited.


Georgie Dragwidge
Independent for Albert Park

In her own words
Who am I?

I am a widowed single mum; I barrack for St Kilda FBC and have run two successful small businesses in the South Melbourne Market over the past 11 years.
Why am I running?
I have been left frustrated by the inability of those in power to effect real change. The federal election and rise of independents demonstrated that the community supports a change in politics.
Why me?
I want to bring my real-life experiences into politics and make it more accessible to all. My life experiences have given me the ability to represent this diverse and amazing community while my business has allowed me the opportunity to advocate for small business and farmers.
Why here?
The seat of Albert Park is made up of a community that I love. The relationships I have fostered with local community and businesses mean the world to me. I could not imagine a greater place to represent.


Nina Taylor
Labor for Albert Park

In her own words
Who am I?
I live locally in Southbank and have a longstanding commitment to sustainability, health, and education. I am currently a Parliamentary Secretary for Health in the Victorian Labor Government, representing the local community in the Upper House since 2018.
I want to make Victoria a better place for everybody – by delivering reforms to make kinder free, strong support for the arts and creative community, driving Victoria’s clean energy revolution, and creating thousands of jobs for Victorians.
Why me?
Lawyer, teacher, former Organiser for the Community and Public Sector Union, former Councillor (Local Government), Sitting Upper House MP – Southern Metro Region.
Strong advocate for equal rights, climate action, and the most vulnerable in our community.
Parliamentary positions held: Government Whip, Parliamentary Secretary for Health (current).
LLB (University of Melb), B.A (Monash Uni) Post Grad Dip Ed (Univ of Qld) APMA Diploma (Australian Pharmaceutical Manufacturers Association).
Why here?
I live locally in Southbank. I have worked the past 4 years as an Upper House MP (Southern Metro Region) – includes amongst its 11 Districts the seat of Albert Park.
NinaTaylorMP (FB, INSTAGRAM, Twitter).

Kim Samiotis
Greens candidate for Albert Park

In her own words
Who am I?
A local of 20 years in St Kilda and surrounds, I’m a professional worker experienced in operations delivery in a range of businesses and community services. I come from a family of Greeks and aussies, small business owners and creators of community.
We need transparency in government and fewer closed-door decisions made without community consultation. I want Albert Park to have a strong voice in parliament and to make sure the next government must work with representatives from all sides.
Why me?
I’m not afraid of hard work and I’m persistent in reaching goals. I lead with empathy and respect and empower others to flourish. I’m genuinely interested in people and their ideas and I want to be the conduit for better outcomes for our communities.
Why here?
I’m a local by choice and love the natural environment, local businesses and people that make our area so unique. I’m honoured to have the opportunity to represent my own neighbourhood and residents who are ready for leadership on issues that matter to them.

Freedom Party

Elizabeth Antunovic


Family First Victoria
Viorel Bradea



Lauren Sherson
Liberal for Albert Park

“13 local policies is probably the largest commitment Albert Park’s ever received. Imagine then, what we can achieve together with me as your local member.”

In her own words (30 word answers)
Who am I?
I am a creative problem solver who grew up in public housing and started my first business when I was 8 years old. I know what joy and trauma feel like and fight for people with unwavering conviction and compassion.
I cannot live with ‘what if?’. I am determined to do everything humanly possible to increase quality of life and support individuals and communities in their personal, social and commercial ventures.
Why me?
I will find a way. As an entrepreneurship educator I am the only candidate who can transform locals’ ideas into reality. I have undertaken psychological research as mental wellness is necessary for community growth.
Why here?
I am Albert Park. It is my home, where I married, where I work and our local community is my family. I am protective of my clan and Albert Park needs a representative who is ‘one of us’.
0435 990 869

Liberal Democrats
Lance Smart


Animal Justice Party

Cassandra Westwood
Animal Justice Party for Albert Park

In her own words
Who am I? 
I currently work as a Senior IT Business Analyst, and I’m proud to be standing as a candidate in the Albert Park district.
I’m passionate about the Animal Justice Party’s policies and values, and want to help make a difference for animals and the environment. I want to live in a world where all animals are treated with kindness.
Why me?
I’m passionate about the welfare of farmed animals, and I’m a strong supporter of the amazing work that wildlife carers do for Australia’s native animals. If elected I pledge to provide better representation for animals, people, and the planet in Parliament.
Why here?
I’ve lived in the South Eastern suburbs of Melbourne my entire life and have a strong connection to the area. I grew up in Beaumaris, and I’m a proud long-time resident of Southbank.