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Two actors, three acts, six characters. All too uncomfortably familiar to followers of politics in Melbourne (and beyond). Royal commissions, greed, ambition, and the ties that literally bind – that’s the stuff of this ballsy drama by Aidan Fennessy with sweaty, gripping performances by Joe Petruzzi and Peter Houghton (who got four well earned rounds of applause from Saturday’s audience).
No spoilers in this review, so don’t worry. This is a drama where power and influence change repeatedly within a scene, deftly, sometimes bluntly. TV would take a series or two to deliver this scope – we witness it in 90 intense minutes without a break. Bravo to the script and the actors.
Once again Red stitch delivers a night at the theatre that left my mind spinning with the in-your-face power of theatre.
The Way Things Work plays at Red Stitch until 5 March.