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TWiSKy homemade dessert photo fund raiser
You bake and send pix, we donate to
Port Phillip Community Group

Bravo to the dessert makers of TWiSK
Bravo! Your baking & making raised a $100 for the Port Phillip Community Group.
TWiSK was thrilled with the creative efforts in the kitchen and also with the editorial flourishes.
Applause to Phoebie for the “I Scream Cake” with layers of vanilla ice cream, strawberry coulis and yummy chocolate biscuits. Also to Janita for the “Homage to Gabriel” inspired by the spray can cream guzzling character from Netflix’s Call My Agent. Also to Gina whose Blueberry Almond and Lemon Cake looked better than the cook book pic!
And here is a shocking confession.
The author enjoyed a warm chocolate brownie smothered with stewed rhubarb and lashings of Greek yoghurt – it was so yummy that it was gone before the photograph was taken!

“Homage to Gabriel”

This is my homemade desert. I’ve named it “Homage to Gabriel”. I loved watching “Call My Agent” over the various lockdowns. On this cold wet winters day whilst in the supermarket I spotted this can of aerosalled cream and immediately thought of him and how he always quelled his anxiety by squirting this fake airy cream into his mouth.
I made a little hot choccy pudding to center the cream around. Poking the square into the hot pud was an ingenious addition to the whole dessert as the chocolate melted into the hot pudding and made it all gooey. From the photo you see how quickly the cream melted….or evaporated.
At any rate, it was all for an excellent worthwhile cause, even if I feel a little sick now……
Janita Ryan

“Today we bake” by Suzanne W, St Kilda
Low-fodmap gluten free lemon cake

Gina Fiske
My desert bake of lemon; almond; blueberry,& passionfruit plus toasted coconut ..to celebrate PPCGs  Share the food program run by volunteers.

I Scream Cake by Phoebie