BUG says Council prioritises car parking over a safe bike lane

Bicycle Users Group says officers recommendation was out of line

Julie Clutterbuck
Port Phillip Bicycle Users Group President

Port Phillip BUG has registered a formal complaint regarding the council officers’ recommendation for Option B.
Local BUG President Julie Clutterbuck said they believed [the officers recommendation] was unsupported by any professional expertise that the officers should have exercised; by the council’s policy objectives; and by the community consultation process.
“On Wednesday the Council decided not to proceed with a protected bike lane on Inkerman St, the council’s most dangerous stretch for people on bikes. Instead, the mayor frivolously suggested that instead people should be kept safe by drivers “remembering to do a head check” before pulling out. This is not an effective traffic safety approach.
“This council has declared a climate emergency, but fails to support people looking to take up sustainable transport options. In doing so, they lock in car dependency— not just for those people who choose or need to to drive, but also for the 70% of locals who’d like to ride more but are prevented because of our dangerous roads.
“A disappointing result. We had a chance to create a greener street, both in terms of actual vegetation and also one that supported sustainable and inclusive travel. We’ve missed that chance.”

Read Port Phillip BUG website for their detailed report