Race for Lakeside Ward kicks off

Nominations for elections close in September

The first two candidates for the newly drawn Lakeside Ward in the Port Phillip Council elections have stepped forward.
Joining the fray are Jo McDonald, an independent Liberal candidate, and Ivy Pierlot, an endorsed Greens candidate.
Lakeside Ward was created in the recent changes to the local ward boundaries that abolished the previous multimember wards by mandate of the State government.
The Ward includes residents and ratepayers on the Lakeside of St Kilda Road, the Lakeside of Canterbury Road and the ‘junction’ area of St Kilda Road (see map).
See ward map

Ivy Pierlot
Greens for Lakeside Ward
“As a young trans woman, student and advocate, I am passionate about social justice and environmental sustainability. I am committed to amplifying the voices of marginalised communities and fostering inclusion in society.
As a life-long resident of Port Phillip, I want to see our community become more sustainable and inclusive – through supporting young people, better public transport and access to green spaces. I have campaigned tirelessly for LGBTQ+ rights and believe we need more diversity in politics.”
Ivy’s campaign page

Jo McDonald
Independent for Lakeside ward
“I have a master’s degree in Economics and am a career professional in consulting and asset management. I will be able to use these skills with maximum impact as your local Council representative.
“Whilst I am a member of the Liberal Party of Victoria, I am running for this election as an independent candidate to represent everyone. So, in October I ask you to support a candidate that will listen and act and put your interests first. I will listen and advocate for you and the outcomes that matter to you the most.”
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