TWiSK Local Story Initiative

Announcing a special fund to support local journalism

Announcing a special $12,000 fund to support local journalism

We’re funding well researched, original local journalism

St Kilda has many stories to tell and too few places to share them. With the extinction of local newspapers and the rise of algorithm fed social media, we are paradoxically overwhelmed by masses of information and images yet starved of news that helps us feel more connected to what’s happening locally.

We invite you to be part of the TWiSK Local Story Initiative

Local knowledge + journalistic ethics = quality local content

Having worked in the media and lived in St Kilda for over 30 year, the publisher of TWiSK is convinced that locals are an untapped reserve of expert knowledge on an encyclopaedic range of topics.
Also living locally are great story tellers, some working or former journalists, others in related fields like the arts, film, music and marketing where they too tell stories.
The TWiSK Local Story Initiative aims to bring together these two threads of local talent to create original content of a high standard.

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Think local; think about questions that can be answered in less than 1000 words; think an interesting read that you’d like to share with others; think stories that are rarely told but ‘worthy’; and think more fact and less opinion.
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